Fieldtrip to MOPA

The Art Docents headed to Balboa Park´s MOPA aside team leaders, Francisco Eme and David Flores. The Art Docents consist of Lourdes Guerrero, Andres Perez Maruffo, Jerry Marin, Miguel Garcia, Brienneth Durazo, Shania Quiambao, Hector Castro, and Ana Ortiz. The team had the opportunity to meet Chantal Lane, the youth program´s manager of MOPA, who welcomed and instructed us into the facilites of the museum. She opened the employee´s doors to us and showed us the backstage view of MOPA, where they run and manage the exhibits/storage of the photography they showcase in the museum.

She explained to us how she started from the bottom, volunteering to help at the museum, until she was noticed by the staff and was offered a permanent position inside MOPA.

Here are a few images of our educational trip to MOPA, enjoy..

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