Closing ceremony:Dia de la mujer

On May fourth was the closing ceremony for the 10th annual Dia de la mujer exhibit. Dia de la Mujer is a special day in which we commemorate women for their participation in the fight against gender inequality, their rising status in society and their integrity as a person. This gallery show cases art from many  women around the city of San Diego and Baja California. On this special day, representatives of The Front, curators of the gallery Norma Iglesias Prieto and Sara Solaimani and Cognate collectives, Amy Sanchez and Misael Diaz among other representatives of the front and Casa Familiar, all came together to discuss their experiences with the community through the Front, the changing status of women in society and how they try to give them a voice by showcasing their art .They incorporated docents into the discussion by asking them their relationship with art and how they use art to tell stories and to document things that happen around the community to try and make people aware of what happens near them.

La imagen puede contener: 3 personas, personas de pie



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