Video Production: Stop Motion & Interviews

In our first session, we discussed what Stop Motion videos were and how to create them. Stop motion videos are created by taking a myriad of pictures that tell a story. Stop Motion videos are basically videos in which there are only pictures that have no time lapse in order to seem like a normal video; however, this type of video is purely pictures. This was quite fascinating since stop motion was the first type of videos and the old cinemas used this tactic.

The second type of video we learned how to create had been interviews. Interviews tend to be a one-on-one experience. Questions are presented to the one being interviewed on a certain subject, with occasional inputs from the interviewer. The factors that must be taken into account for interviews are the background noise, microphone distance, angle and audio quality. The forms an interview can take would be a direct video recording with picture, an audio clip or written text. It was a new piece of information for our class to learn for future purposes.

In our third session, we discussed about how to use an app called, I-Movie in which one can add more than one video together in order to make an interview or presentation about a certain subject. Furthermore, our instructor taught us how to add transitions, music, and even cut sections of a video or clip in order to shorten our video or improve it. Basically, in our third session we learned how to create a video with certain specific affects that could make the video more appealing to the audience.

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