The New Children’s Museum



The New Children’s Museum is situated in Downtown San Diego, California. This museum has dedicated it’s walls to kids and toddlers, even newborns! This innovative and exciting museum offers a variety of interactive exhibits for kids. For example, there are areas in which children are able to climb a wooden structure and view different cultures and parts of American history through each of the four floors. There are also other interactive areas in which the children demonstrate their innate artists through carpentering and coloring sea animals and then scan these colorings to bring them to life on a screen.


The museum opens its doors to parents in line with their young kids, some parents really need some food or caffeine. Luckily, thanks to the caring staff of the New Children’s Museum, there is a café that both adults and kids can go to and purchase drinks, ranging from coffee and smoothies. The drinks have adapted the size to kids and adults apparently one size fits all! The adults are not left out, and are included on enjoying their children’s adventures with them, whether that be supervising them create beautiful pieces of toddler art and exploring what seems another world that the amazing artists have created.


Of course, this museum focuses its efforts and dreams on allowing kids to explore and express themselves through interactive artworks. This type of museum is special since the average museum doesn’t allow artworks to be touched. This allows to give the children another perspective on art and of themselves by interacting and creating art.

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